Welcome to the Cancer Support Group ACT Eden Monaro’s Own

Founded in 1986 the Cancer Support Group, ACT Eden Monaro’s Own, provides financial assistance and support to cancer patients and the family residing with them within the ACT, Queanbeyan and surrounds.

A charitable organisation, the group relies on fundraising, community partners and the generosity of businesses and the local community to meet the needs of the increasing number of families that require assistance.

The group is unique, as it is believed to be the only charity dealing with all ages and all types of cancer.  As of July 2012, the youngest cancer patient on our books is 6 months and the oldest is 82 years of age.


The Cancer Support Group ACT Eden Monaro’s Own began in 1985 when Yvonne Cuschieri started raising funds to enable 13 local teenagers with cancer to attend a CanTeen national camp.  It wasn’t long before social workers started asking for her help for other families who were facing crisis situations.  In March 1986, Yvonne asked friends for their help and the first ACT Eden Monaro Cancer Support Group meeting was held in her dining room.  Over the years, the number of requests for help has been enormous, to support children and adults with cancer and to assist their families at a very difficult time.

In 2010, the decision was made to rename the group – The Cancer Support Group ACT Eden Monaro’s Own – to highlight the work we do over our location.


To support cancer patients and their families through the provision of financial assistance, which specifically addresses the cancer patient’s medical prognosis/treatment program.  Each case is treated on its merits at the time of application.

Mission statement

To reduce the emotional and financial burden on families who have a member undergoing treatment for cancer or a cancer related illness.

Current focus

As from the very beginning in 1986, The Cancer Support Group ACT Eden Monaro’s Own is focused on assisting cancer patients and their families with financial and emotional support during what is generally the most difficult period of their lives.  We continually look at the amount of assistance we provide and ways to improve both the amounts and range of assistance.

At present, we are able to provide assistance with the costs of pharmacy medication, chemotherapy medication costs, dietician prescribed liquid supplements and food/petrol vouchers.  We provide this assistance to cancer patients in the ACT, Queanbeyan and Bega regions.

While we are very proud of the assistance we are able to provide, we would be very happy to be able to give more.  We know that there are many more cancer patients and families out there requiring assistance and requiring a wider range of assistance.

This is why we are constantly looking at ways to extend ourselves as a charity.  Your support of The Cancer Support Group ACT Eden Monaro’s Own would go a long way to helping us achieve our aims.

Latest News


Convoy for Cancer Families 2013 raised over $106,000!

It’s official – Convoy for Cancer Families 2013 was a huge success, and we managed to raise over $106,000, with thanks to Inversion Table Life.


Convoy for Cancer Families is on facebook!

We now have a dedicated Convoy for Cancer Families facebook page.


Grill’d Manuka

Grill’d Manuka has The Cancer Support Group as part of Grill’d Local Matters donation program for November 2012